Five+ hours of immersive, hands-on activities conveniently delivered to your door.

At Girls Inc. we know that all girls benefit from our unique blend of pro-girl programs. Designed to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold, the GIRLS thINC Outside the Box provides programming to girls who do not have access to our in-person programs. It can also be an added experience for already enrolled girls, further enriching their Girls Inc. experience. Through rich literature and immersive, hands-on activities, girls tap into their inner strengths and explore new concepts all from home. Girls enrolled in GIRLS thINC Outside the Box have access to instructional videos and trained Girls Inc. educators to support their experience at home. Our current boxes are designed specifically for girls 6-10 years old. 

GIRLS thINC Outside the Box program can be delivered to any Oregon or Washington address. We currently do not offer nationwide shipping. GIRLS thINC Outside the Box is now available in English AND Spanish!

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The GIRLS thINC Outside the Box program is designed by experienced Girls Inc. of Metro Denver educators and adapted by Girls Inc. PNW educators. Each programmatic experience is age-appropriate and crafted to reflect the diversity of the girls we serve. GIRLS thINC Outside the Box is tailored to meet girls where they are enabling independence while providing each girl with virtual support when needed.

Inside each GIRLS thINC Outside the Box delivery, your girl can expect:

  1. A book
  2. A GIRLS thINC Outside the Box magazine with all the instructions for activities
  3. Hands-on activities and exercises in the following content areas:
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
    • Movement
    • Art
    • Self-discovery
  4. Introduction to a role model /SHEro
  5. Materials and supplies
  6. Special Girls Inc. items
  7. Invite to a group virtual celebration to meet the Girls Inc. team and share your box projects.
  8. Links to video instructions and demonstrations of activities

What age group is this box designed for?
Currently, the Girls thINC Outside the Box program is most age-appropriate for girls ages 6-10 years old. We have found that many 11-12 year olds still enjoy our boxes! Girls Inc. educators and staff are working on creating Girls thINC Outside the Box experiences for girls 10+.

How much does the GIRLS thINC Outside the Box program cost?
The program is offered on a sliding scale with $35 being the full price of the box. Families can choose what they pay, or choose not to pay anything at all. There are no additional steps needed if you choose not to pay for the program.

When can I expect to receive my shipment?
GIRLS thINC Outside the Box is sending seasonal boxes. Please see the enrollment form for which boxes are available. Boxes are shipped on the first day of each box month.

Who can I contact with questions or issues with my box or delivery?
Please email with any questions or concerns.

Who can my girl or I contact with questions about the activities?
Please email with any questions about the activities. A Girls Inc. of the Pacific Northwest educator will answer and provide support.