Tips for being an effective mentor

A mentor is a caring, responsible adult or peer who provides access to people, places, and things outside the mentee’s routine environment.

Tips to support girls’ rights through talking and listening

Each of us can help youth realize their rights and abilities so they can grow up strong, smart, and bold.

Ways for adults to help girls achieve their rights

Youth have told us they recognize outdated gender stereotypes that limit their rights and they are ready for change.

Tips for answering your child’s questions about sexuality

They’ve asked you a question about sexuality. Now, what do you say? Here are a few tips to help out.

Tips for raising financially savvy youth

Decide together how much to spend right away and how much to save for later. Set short- and long-term saving goals.

Tips for talking to teens about healthy relationships

Think about your own values, feelings, and expectations of relationships first and then share what works with the teen in your life.

Signs of relationship violence for parents

It’s important to talk with young people about the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships and their right to be respected and safe.