If you are interested in our Board of Directors, we welcome you to review the application which overviews our organization and the service opportunity. Applications may be submitted at any time and will be considered for our next Board Member cycle in the spring of 2024. All questions and interests in general, including volunteering for committee memberships, can be emailed to, info@girlsincpnw.org. Thank you!  Download the application here.

Jessica Hewitt

President & Board Chair
SVP & Market Executive Portland and SW Washington, Bank of America

Thallen Brassel

Vice Chair & Secretary
Assistant General Council, NA Digital Commerce & Global Consumer Services, Nike


Mary Segesta

Treasurer & Finance Chair
Director, Azure Marketing, Microsoft


Brandi Frye

Marketing & Advocacy Chair
Corporate Vice President, Marketing, Qorvo

Sarala Paliwal

STEAM Chair 
Sr. Engineering Director, Siemens EDA



Sheila Murty

Governance Chair 
EVP, People & Culture, Tillamook



Jill Rankin

Senior Vice President of Marketing, 24 Hour Fitness

Marti Pozzi

Senior Partner, Altus Alliance

Angelique Okeke

Vice President, Global & NA Marketplace Council, Nike

Kristin Bremer Moore

Partner, Tonkon Torp LLP