Impact Story

Ashley’s Story

Ashley was a member of our Portland Leadership Council from 2018-2019 and then the SW Washington Leadership Council from 2019-2020. A true leader, Ashley wrote a book during the COVID-19 pandemic titled Cultivate Community! It is a book about how young people can build more powerful digital-first communities.

When schools went online due to the pandemic, she felt incredibly disconnected from the clubs and communities she had belonged to at school. Without the hallway conversations, lunch meetings, and other in-person connections of convenience, she found it hard to stay connected with people and accomplish everything that she had wanted to do. She wanted to help young people adapt to their communities online and continue creating impact together. She even came back as a guest speaker for a virtual Girls Group to tell our younger youth about her experience writing and publishing a book!

She graduated from high school in 2021 and is now promoting her book while figuring out the next chapter of her life. Buy her book here.