Girls Inc. PNW CEO and Alumni Interviewed on Roar with Lakecia Gunter Podcast

Air date: April 13, 2021

Success is something that builds up over time, making early influences fundamental. Having a strong support system of people who champion you and unbridled access to recreational and educational opportunities plant the seeds for strong, smart, and bold leaders. Lakecia Gunter interviewed CEO Cyreena Boston Ashby and alumni Amaya Gustave. They discussed:

  • Early foundations for a legacy of service (3:45)
  • How an iconic institution helped amplify a Roar (9:16)
  • Carving out a career path through advocacy (13:55)
  • Educating and preparing young women for lucrative careers (22:04)
  • Key qualities that build resilience (32:32)
  • The lasting power of being championed (34:12)
  • Taking personal time to invest in young people (45:32)

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